Think about... 提案型バスソルト「考える、バスタイム」

"Think about..." propose you a new way to spend your bath time, under the concept of "Think while bathing."

Printed on each sachet is a word as a theme for your bath time meditation.
From a list of 19 different words, 10 are chosen randomly for one bottle.

Get inspired from the word printed on the sachet you pick.
Turn your bath time into time to meditate. It will help you to enrich your life.

One set contains 10 sachets printed
with randomly chosen words from the below.

CHILDREN about future
SMILE about your friends
FUN about your work
LOVE about forgiving
NOW about bath time
NEWS about the Earth
WORK about learning
YOURSELF about your family
FUTURE about something fun
SEX about being natural
LIFE about making choices
OTHER about love
FATHER about justice
BOOK about wisdom
TIME about money
BEAUTY about health
MEMORIES about time
HISTORY about the universe
MONEY about something you can't buy
Think abut …
Think about... / For 10 baths
<The set includes>
Think about...
10 sachets / 2oz (70g) per sachet
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