Number A series of bath salt sachets printed with lucky numbers

Numbers are believed to have a supernatural power that can even change your destiny.
"Number" is a series of bath salt devoted to bring you happiness with the help of such talismanic power of numbers.
Each sachet is printed with either number from following; 1, 3, 5, 6 or 7.
Supervised by a trusted numerologist Kuniaki Tomioka, all the numbers related to the products, including the dates of sale, amounts of salt per package, prices and even the sizes, were chosen under Kabbalah numerology, making this series itself a charm that brings you a good fortune.
With "Number" in your bath time, you can bring in the power of number into your life.

1 Busy Busy / Energy / Beginning
3 Smooth Smooth / Work / Expression
5 Peaceful Good relationships / Harmony / Justice
6 Lucky Luck / Ideal / Acceptance
7 Money Money / Sublime / Wisdom
Number 7
(Number 7 / 1 sachet)
<The set includes>
1 sachet / 2oz (57g) per sachet
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Number 3・6・5
(Number 3・6・5 / 1 sachet of each number)
<The set includes>
3 sachets / 2oz (57g) per sachet
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Number 1・3・5・6・7
(Number 1・3・5・6・7 / 2 sachets of each number)
<The set includes>
10 sachets / 2oz (57g) per sachet
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